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Great hair doesn't happen by chance....

It happens here!

Welcome to your salon!

Master Stylist and Hair Guru, Tina Gillaspie


Ma ster stylist and Hair Guru, Tina Gillespie has been making women and men beautiful with 33 years of professional hair experience!

Located inside of the Jeunesse Salon Suites- You will experience personal, one on one attention in the relaxed, quiet atmosphere. 

Come enjoy tranquility and make some time for YOU...

I care about the health of your hair and your well being, and only use sulfate and paraben-free products.

I'm also a Halocouture Distributor

Halocouture is absolutely THE best hair extension on the market, and completely damage-free! And painless!

  My personal experience with  Hair loss, 

I have tried many different extensions and this is by far the best!

If you are struggling with hair loss, I understand how devastating it is.

And I can help you!

'services menu'

Women's Haircut and blow dry,

styled with curling iron or flat iron   50+

Men's Haircut and blow dry    35+

Children's(13years of age or under)Hair cut 30+ and blow dry included,

if styled with iron additional cost, if hair is long and thick. 

 (Hair Color)

Root color 75+

Allover color 90+

Partial Highlight 95+

Full Highlights 120+ 


Ombre' or Balayage hair color,

it is a technique for hair color 155+

'When getting a color service the Hair cut is slightly discounted'

for added color when doing multi colors, 15+ each color 

"extra added due to thickness and longer length, it requires more color"

'Hair cut is separate 



Is a hair treatment for damaged hair, it is not just a conditioner. it strengthens the weak damaged hair and when put into hair color and bleach prevents further damage!

Olaplex Treatment stand alone 45+

Olaplex with a color service 40+

conditioning treatment 35+

The stand alone treatments do not include blow dry or iron style, that is an extra  charge. listed below...

Shampoo Blowout 40+

Perms/Body waves 130+


Brows 15

Lip 10


What our customers are saying

"Tina has really worked with me and my off the wall schedule by staying late and working with me. I come in and have a glass of wine and she makes me feel welcomed and makes me BEAUTIFUL

  My friend recommended Tina to me 10 years go. I have been pleased ever since and have no desire to seek out for any other. She does what I ask. "


"I began my journey with Tina soon after she moved to the Springs from Denver. I enjoy her as a person. She is a hoot to talk to and love, love ,my hair! Don't know  who else I would trust."


"Tina is not only my Hairstylist but also my friend. Only she touches my hair! I am very picky and my scalp is very sensitive, she is gentle and carful  unlike other stylist I have been to that are rough and don't take that into consideration. Thank you Tina for that (HUGS) "



"I started going to Tina 25 years ago when she was working in Denver. I could never imagine having any one else do my hair. I followed her to the springs. been loyal to her since! She does exactly what I ask for and takes time and never books other people in-between, I love that! I feel she cares and wants to make me feel important. and she has become my friend! I love you Tina!  "


"I love her too, and the fact if I tell her to keep my hair long and just want a trim she does just that. A trim, not 6 inches off. she will show you and make sure before she just takes a whack. True story 

Happy costumer. "




I love all hair and Hair types

Thick and thin

Curly and straight

    I Specialize in and know fine, thin Hair.

I know it, cause I have it

Take a Look at my Gallery

Take a Look at my Gallery

Peyton Location

I'm excited that I  recently opened  my in home studio!!

Please call for and appointment and location...

I look forward to making you BEAUTIFUL!



I also use and carry Revitalash and Revitabrow.

These products are proven to grow Longer, Darker, Thicker lash and brow hairs

I'm proof that it works! 

Please ask about this amazing product at your next visit!

A simple reminder :

Never explain yourself to anyone. You don't need anyone's approval. Live your life and do what makes you happy.

And wear your hair, the way you want to wear it.

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